Maliza Productions was founded by Ery Nzaramba. 'Kuliza' means 'to make cry' in Kinyarwanda, and 'amaliza' traditionally refers to the most beautiful cattle in Rwanda, so beautiful it made people cry just to look at it. Beauty, emotions, the clash of times and cultures... are amongst the qualities that Maliza productions (for stage and screen) aspire to explore.

The Blues Lover has been selected for the Portobello Film Festival 2014.

In development (18 Aug 2014): Feature film Flora and Dambudzo (working title), written by Ery Nzaramba and Agnieszka Piotrowska. In post independence Zimbabwe, in the wake of the victory against white dominion and the apartheid system, a white married woman has a toxic affair with a famous black writer. Based on the true story of Zimbabwean writer Dambudzo Marechera and German academic Flora Veit-Wild, who recently made public her affair with the iconoclastic writer. The film will be directed by Agnieszka Piotrowska and star Ery Nzaramba in the role of Dambudzo. The script has been finalised and filming is planned to take place sometime next year in Harare (Zimbabwe).

The Blues Lover is Maliza Productions' latest short film. Written and directed by Ery Nzaramba, and starring Kirsten Hazel Smith and Rob Tucker, The Blues Lover is a thriller inspired by Roman Polanski's REPULSION.

Split/Mixed is the latest play to be produced by Maliza Productions. Written and performed by Ery Nzaramba, the one man play is a coming-of-age tale of a boy growing up in Rwanda in the 90s, SPLIT/MIXED is a story of friendships and self-discovery, with tragedy lurking. The play explores the search of identity experienced by the Genocide generation.
The play premiered at the United Solo Festival in New York in November 2013.

In development: DREAM OF A NATION, a play written by Ery Nzaramba. DREAM OF A NATION follows the rise and fall of the prince Rutare as his country is colonised, then emerges from the throes of independence to be gripped by a fratricidal conflict. Ery was awarded a Grant for the Arts by the Arts Council of England to develop it.

In development: Deja Vu, a film written by Ery Nzaramba. A super-natural thriller that gives new meaning to the old saying 'Love conquers all'. The Sixth Sense meets Back to the Future.

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